La Compagnie Franche de la Marine du Fort Toulouse is a living history organization dedicated to researching, recreating, and reenacting the everyday life of the French Marines, their families, and the Native allies. This is all for personal enjoyment as well as for public education. The company participates in many reenactments across the nation, as well as a continuing monthly program at Fort Toulouse. The group generally meets for Garrison on the third weekend of every month, with the exception of April and November, when larger events are scheduled at Fort Toulouse - Fort Jackson. Each spring the company hosts the French and Indian War Encampment in April, and participates in Alabama Frontier Days in November.

How do I get started?

We suggest that a potential member come and “visit” with us as a tourist first, and get to know us. We will then assign you a sponsor, usually one of the same gender and persona (see below) who lives fairly close to you if possible. Your sponsor will help you with loaner garb and equipment so that you can attend a garrison weekend. If you decide this is something you definitely want to do, your sponsor will help you assemble your own “kit,” or clothing, uniform, and equipment, either by sewing or making your own, or buying it. After you have acquired most of your kit and attended at least half of our garrison or special weekends over the course of a six month probationary period (in other words, you won’t be accepted if you just show up twice), your membership will be voted upon by the Regular Members. Your sponsor will make sure you have a copy of the Bylaws and the Unit Guidebook, and the Indian Guidelines, if necessary. Read these, know these, understand them fully. The book, Fort Toulouse, The French Outpost at the Alabamas on the Coosa by Daniel H. Thomas (available at the fort’s Visitor’s Center), is required reading for all members.

Interested and need more info?


Clothing & Equipment Guidelines